Old School we had to be in the $10,000.00 p.m.

Passive Income earners group, before you were

considered a LEADER, like I was in 1989 in the MLM ,

L'Arome UK Ltd. NEW SCHOOL MLMers want to be Leaders in 10 days!!! 

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Let me introduce myself:  
I am Don Gonsalves. I am 
a Network Marketer, just like you. 
( This iPhone friendly email format)  
is proving very popular.
I love Affiliate Marketers  
and have experienced some  
good, but also a lot of unpleasant  
things. Probably just like you.
In Spite of building big teams I  
have experienced lately a huge  
loss of members, in our down-lines,  
it seems to be due to the high  
monthly costs and slow, very slow 
duplication, of paying members.
We totally understand that. 
It is not easy to start. 
It brings a lot of costs you were  
not aware of when you signed up. 

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Like building a website,  
buying leads and often 
buy products. Even before 
you earned a penny, you 
already paid a lot of money 
to get going. 

The worst however are those
 owners who make you pay a 
monthly  fee instead of a one 
payment for life system.

In short: they promise you  
the world and in the end they  
just take your money. 

So you will lose even those you  
brought in, at high costs of your 
Now what?
I hate to see my downline 
getting hurt while I make a  
few dollars from their hard  
work and short life in the Business.
Fortunately my struggle 
was rewarded when I  found 
Zero  Attrition Karatbars.  
With Karatbars you will keep  
100 % of your downline. 
No one is suspended, 
cancelled or gives up.

  Lifelong! That is why I am  
committed to and promote Karatbars.  
Very high quality product:  
Pure gold 999.9% in Grams. 
Genius idea of our CEO/Owner 
Harald Seiz.
Gold in grams, adjusted for 
the masses and not  only for 
the few.  Plus as of May 2018 
the only Crypto gold backed currency 
coin. Gold in grams, adjusted
for the masses and not only for the few. 
 In this way everybody can start 
earning and saving in  gold instead 
of in paper-money, that loses value 
all the time.
The best of it is, that at Karatbars  
it is a one off payment  for life! 
This means:  no quitting anymore.
 People can come into your business 
even for free  and grow their downline  
without ever investing anything.
 A good sponsor is able  to help 
each and everyone without fear 
of losing any downline  and until 
they see success,  sooner or later!
Thanks to our unique dual system 
you can guarantee: Free downline 
members get massive spill-over of 
free and paid members, who  stay 
with them for life.

I would highly recommend  you to 
become a free member because by 
doing so, you  will have access to your 
own  Back-Office to do research and  
investigate.without the company  bothering 
you to upgrade or buy leads or products etc.

You will have access to all the tools 
that will help you grow. your business 
and see  how easy it is to duplicate.

Besides that you will have full support 
of your up-line  Register as a Free Affiliate  
here using a meaningful  Username that 
will "Motivate "  you for life..

My username is "donwins4free"


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