I Donald Gonsalves got hooked to ( ENM) 

Ethical Network Marketing 

in 1980 when I was shown
the opportunity & sponsored
by a Knight's of Columbus member,
the late Donald Nellenback, 
( A teacher in the USA) who was
a friend of the late (Billionaire)
Rich Devos.
I was shown the 5 by 5 Plan at home
in the United Kingdom on a Sunday
morning  after attending Church service.
I instantly understood the exciting plan & realized I could
"kill" 2 birds with one stone with ENM.
( Like my sponsor was doing)
1.Make money on earth, by Giving before Receiving.

2. Better to give than to receive meant I could
receive enough Grace so as to go to heaven
when I finished with ENM on earth.
However, the most important but difficult
requirement is to find a CEO / Owner of
a ENM company who also had the same mindset
and believed that it is Better to Give than to Receive.
( 40 yrs later I have found Martin & Roger)
Owners of MME & GDLC
The Best Paid Affiliate Network Program
 that will be chosen from the suggestions 
of the 40,000 + club members, is about to be launched. 
This Paid program could even be your existing paid program.
if you are in a good program already.
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 I will show you that you can do this and why.

I give you proof that it works.
You can watch it on YouTube here
and I am going to place it in your Back
Office as well. Look at the
Steps below the video.


You can and I believe you will do this if you
only try and stay with it.
Your life will change and it is now up to you.
We care about you,
Martin and Roger Owners /CEO of MME/GDLC
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