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Hello Potential Biz. Partner & Friend,
I am 80 now & have been MLMing for 40 yrs in the UK. 
I do not need the money any more, especially after my 
darling wife passed away suddenly on July 4th 2021
with Heart Failure. 
She was my biggest Fan.
Now I just want to support my downline.


Learn To Grow A Money Tree 

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Seeing is Believing 

The TBC company is massive outside the USA, 
because of 3 times a week Zoom meetings, 
held at 7 pm UK time 3pm USA . 
The owner wants someone in the USA/Canada 
to set up Zoom meetings at 8 or 9 pm Eastern for 
the USA to meet after working hours..
The Charismatic Owner/CEO will set it all up for you 
if you join. All Payments are low & one time only & even 
Free members can earn 10% down to 10 levels deep. 
The best I have seen in my 40 yrs of MLM in the UK TBC 
is based in Europe & payments in Euro & crypto.
The days of webinars are outdated
Only companies that have a CEO who 
appears on Zoom weekly will grow & survive
Thank you Alexis of TBC
 New updated Landing page with Zoom Testimonials & Training
Old Referral Link: 
New Marketing Plan & Bonus Plan
Watch this video AT 19 minutes after it starts for the 10 Level 
Residual Passive Income etc.
Which link do you prefer?
Your feedback will be appreciated.
To our friendship & success working together
Very Sad especially because of Christmas. However,
Pam loved my commitment to helping others, as she 
had committed to charity work for over 60 yrs.
She loved my Spillover & 2by2 Concepts.
Thank God we had 55 Happy Christmas' Together. 
However, I  want to keep working & using my 40 yrs
of MLM experience & success to help my downline.

Don Gonsalves

Just wondering if my FB page can be opened
with this Link. A Like on my page would be appreciated.
Don4help is my username
Don Gonsalves is my name. don4help/