Hello Business Partners,
I hope you become my fitness partners
as well to save thousands of dollars now
or in the near future as you grow as old as Don.
Because of Covid-!9 I could not
call the Chiropodists to do my toenails.
My daughter suggested I try her new Plate 
After only 4 weeks I was able to do my toenails, by myself!!
Wooo-Hooooo, Success.
put my socks easily and do other jobs that need 
bending over ?? easily without the fear falling over.
I saved $50.00 and will not need the chiropodist 
even when I am 100 yrs old.
I am 79 now. Thousands of dollars saved thanks to my daughter 
and her exercise..

Do you or anyone in the family struggle 

to do exercise at home, so as to stay 

fit for life, and get motivated to lose weight 

or go for walks or do housework without getting tired. etc? 

Try this simple exercise that has changed my & my wife's life at 79. 


Stay Safe by working from home




We do other simple home exercises as well. 

Please ask for videos if you are interested.


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started today 1st July 2020

Example 1  
7 Minutes Workout/NowLifeStyle ( See links Below)

Sat 12 Mar 2011 Total including  Free Members = 17,308

If this was GDCL, I would be earning
17,308 x 50 cents = $8,654.00 per month Passive Income
this month July 2020.
Free GDCL is going to be a winner as we get paid 50 cents per 
Free downline member passive income per month..
Example 2 
Karatbars Member since 30-06-2013
Total Members including Free Members  = 17,364 
If this was GDCL, I would be earning
17,364 x 50 cents = $8,682.00 per month Passive Income
this month July 2020.
My Total income would have been about $17,000.00 per month.!! Wow!!
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downline members are trying to login.










Come back & Click on Links above in the Index. You will be glad you did.

A lot better than going into Google Search to look for Make Money Online 

or Make Money From Home etc. 


Food For Thought 

My Daily Top Tips posted on

Facebook 26th June 2020

Old & Young MLMers do not need lots of money during Lockdown. No Jets, No 5 star hotels No Events.

Do My Simple Sitting Exercise at Home daily. 

Watch this space.( Click on titles in the Index) 

Looking forward to learning to Crawl Walk Run with Hearts of Gold, M & R, from Sunday 28th June when I get my Magic Club Link



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